11 September 2013
11 September 2013,

Working on WP e-Customers right now and adding some charts. A bar graph displaying registrations from the last twelve month is the first. I quickly came up with a way to establish 12 months backwards.

                    $months_array = array('january','february','march','april','may','june','july','august','september','october','november','december');
                    $months_array_reversed = array_reverse($months_array,true);

                    $reached_this_month = false;# once true it indicates the foreach has arrived at the current month
                    $months_past = array();# our final array of months

                    // loop to the current month then start adding all remaining months to our $months_past array
                    foreach($months_array_reversed as $key => $month){

                        // only add months to our final array once we have already reached the current month
                            $months_past[]['month'] = $key;
                            $months_past[]['monthname'] = $month;
                            $months_past[]['year'] = date('Y');

                        // when we reach current month
                        if($key == date('n')){
                            $reached_this_month = true;

                    // add remaining months starting from December
                    if(date('n') != 12){
                        foreach($months_array_reversed as $key => $month){
                            $months_past[]['month'] = $key;
                            $months_past[]['monthname'] = $month;
                            $months_past[]['year'] = date('Y') - 1;

                            // once we have twelve months we are done
                            if(count($months_past) == 12){break;}

3 responses on “PHP Function Get Previous Twelve Months From Current Month

  1. dibbz says:

    foreach (range(0, -11) as $month) {
    echo date(“F”, strtotime(“${month} month”)).”\n”;

    • Ryan Bayne says:

      That is good actually welcome to WebTechGlobal. What I done was the first thing to cross my my mind and but I must admit. I didn’t consider trying a minus value in any way at all so thanks for that, I best remember to play around with minus more often.

      However I’ll run with what I have for a moment as the array is the important part. It will be used in various ways eventually so my approach is to add a lot of values to it now. In risking confusing the post. My use may go back more than 12 months and so I also need to track how far back a month is.

  2. Ryan Bayne says:

    After posting this code I realized that when my script gets to a point where I need to query data. I will need to query a month within a specific year and so I extended the $months_past array to include a month and year value per key. Just do date(‘Y’) – 1 within the second foreach to establish the previous year.