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New UI Icons on CSV 2 POST Plugin

New UI Icons on CSV 2 POST Plugin

Just a quick post to show the new icons added to today and will feature on all WTG plugins.

  1. Trash Icon: this will appear on large forms with a lot of options. Clicking it will reset the form to defaults and instantly save those defaults.
  2. Video Icon: originally I wanted this to open thickbox overlay and display a YouTube video but the overlay has a maximum width in WordPress. So instead this will be a link to the panels video on YouTube.
  3. Information Icon: this will open thickbox window with some help text, possibly images in time. The help text is stored in the menu array. I know that is kind of strange but it works very well. The same help text is used in the WordPress Help tab. It’s a great little help system, easy to manage and will appear in all my plugins.



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