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Can custom fields be created for my SEO plugin?

Yes, SEO is important to us. Most SEO plugins use post meta values. The same meta values we enter on the Custom Fields form when creating or editing a new post.

How many levels of categories can I create?

You can create 5 levels which is an ability usually offered only in premium plugins.

Can CSV 2 POST import foreign characters?

Yes, the plugin can import foreign/special characters. Encoding options can also be provided on request as the functions are ready but the interface options not required at this time.

Does the plugin import RSS feeds?

CSV 2 POST does not import RSS feed. Please see our WordPress Data Importer plugin for that.

Can I create and manage a Real Estate website using CSV 2 POST?

Yes CSV 2 POST can help but this is a free plugin and as a result, support is basic. You will need to take the time to read tutorials and watch some videos. If you do not have time for training and need quick results or consultation you are recommended to purchase our WordPress Data Importer plugin.

Is CSV 2 POST for developers only?

No. The plugin has been designed for the entire WordPress owner audience.

Can CSV 2 POST import .csv files from Commission Junction?

Yes, this plugin will import from Commission Junction.

Can CSV 2 POST import .csv file from Trade Doubler?

Yes, this plugin will import from Trade Doubler.

Does CSV 2 POST create e-Commerce websites?

In a way yes but it’s the shopping cart plugin and theme that makes a true e-commerce website. CSV 2 POST will mass import product data, create product pages and keep them updated as your data changes. We’re working on integration with specific carts so just let us know what shopping cart you are using and if there are integration requirements we’ll make it happen.

Does the Template button “Update” save the template and update all posts?

The custom post type for CSV 2 POST content designs. Does not update posts when the template is updated using the Update button. This is because many users create as many as 50,000 posts and most servers will not accept such a request. So updating is not as simple as a click and all is finished. However, there are various approaches to getting all of your posts updated. See other FAQ and documentation.

How do I update my posts using CSV 2 POST?

You can manually update individual posts created by CSV 2 POST. There is a form for submitting the post ID. You can also initiate an update on a set number of random posts. You can keep using that method until all are updated, the plugin will let you know when no expired posts exist. Finally, there is Systematic Post Updating. When this is active any visitor to your blog who opens an expired post will trigger an update on that post. The visitor will see the new version of the post.

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