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Hi, Ryan. I thought I would get your attention just to let you know that I appreciate your responsiveness to my messages, and your willingness to listen to my suggestions and feedback about ECI. I respect your work, and I like your plugin very much! Thank you! Sincerely, Jeffrey


“Cheers Ryan!
Really nice to a plugin developer this devoted to his work. Hat tip!



“Hi Ryan,

I have been researching your plugin for the past 30 mins or so after a hell of a lot of Google searching. Firstly, I am very impressed in your plugin, and have fallen for it mate. You should be proud!

The one issue (and I know it is a big one), is that I am really looking for plugin to run a comparison site. Have you thought about / have plans to include an additional plugin for ECI to combine the information it collects from different stores, and compare the results? Or am I asking / wanting too much?



“Ryan – I wish i could give you a $100K for support and development of this awesome Plugin! I use the plugin for almost every (even simple) WordPress Sites. Especially my Affiliate WP site’s are working very well with Easy CSV importer. Thanks again for the awesome and fast custom service. For everybody who doubts: It’s absolute worth it. Just take the time to follow the instruction video’s and manuals for this easy WordPress csv import plugin and you’re ready to go!

Thnx Marty”


“Hello Ryan,

Enjoying your iFrame WP plugin – it’s really making my life easier at  I’m able to do everything now within my admin panel, as well as access my web hosting-panel, and client sites.

Thanks again and if you have a donate button somewhere, email me and as soon as I am able, I’ll donate.

Happy New Year!



“Hi Ryan!

First off, I’m so glad you are still supporting your work. I can’t tell you how happy I am. This plugin is exactly what I have been looking for…




“Hello Mr. Bayne,

First i want to say that i love the plug-in, i wondered if there was such a plug-in that could do it this good. So I bought it J, but no I have a problem…

With regard,

Yoenes Hara”