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Web Site Maintenance Solutions

When is the general maintenance of a web-site fun? I’m confident thinking about that question has you bored already, please read on to understand how we can save your time and even increase your sales.

Security of Maintenance

Site maintenance hasn’t just suddenly become important but it has become more critical during the 21st century alone. The maintenance of a site before the 21st century wasn’t always a simple job but it had little risk. By 2010 the rate of security breaches increased greatly and by 2015 the cost of running a site had increased greatly due to a need for more security. The job of maintaining site becomes even more delicate because a single mistake can lead to a major security breach very quickly. If the owner if a site does not invest in security it is likely their site will be a hacked or fail to make it difficult for a hacker to do damage. WebTechGlobal can perform regular sessions of security maintenance with different rates on offer to suit your site size and budget.

Information Technology Maintenance

Maintenance includes the regular use and processing of information to and from other websites i.e. via REST, SOAP, API. The flow of information coming from visitors, which is stored as data but seen as important information by staff. Is critical to running a business and WebTechGlobal can perform maintenance that doesn’t just ensure everything is running smoothly but also considers the next step in improving your sales processes or customer service systems. All of this is usually too much for the average business owner to consider and get right. We at WebTechGlobal understand that you might not have the time to learn how to maintain your website so the task of maintaining it moves down the ‘to-do’ list. The rest of the world is not so understanding and failure to keep up can lead to losses.

Some Maintenance Examples

  • Installing latest security updates
  • Optimizing the website for search engines
  • Switching to latest PHP version when hosting provides it
  • Update coupon offers
  • Create regular backups of website files and database
  • Change or remove special offer and event banners
  • Prices change and discontinue products
  • Maintain newsletters
  • Update plugins for WordPress
  • Moderate forums and blogs

Our Maintenance Methods

A mix of manual and automated methods are used. We may even need to improve your existing Content Management System or install a new one especially when an old one has security related bugs. We invest our time and money into creating maintenance tools for the future so don’t worry. We may already have what you need and can offer it at a low price. We can also hire or buy from third-parties. We will monitor your main site, forums, and even your supporting app. Whatever approach we decide to take we’ll create a step by step plan that doesn’t cause more risk instead of reducing it.