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Web Development

Web Development is the part of building a website that involves making things work as opposed to ‘Web Design’ which focuses on how your website looks. Using a set of graphics, often known as a website template (usually PNG format), we’ll build your website and make it work. We will require specifications, basically a list of all the things you need your site to do. WTG can work on existing sites also, upgrading existing tools, adding new tools in the form of plugins or scripts. We can modify how public or administrator features work.

We create…

  • WordPress plugins
  • Live chat interfaces
  • Data management tools
  • Migration tools
  • Extensions and themes for blogs or forums
  • Custom CMS
  • E-commerce tools
  • Intranets and solutions to improve them

Web Development Services Quote

WTG can provide a good quote if you tell us everything about the project you wish to begin or continue. We’ll often ask many questions until we are confident in understanding exactly what you need. We can discuss communication methods with yourself, including online or offline meetings.