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Brand Management

Creating a brand is one of the most enjoyable experiences for clients and our team. Brand management can be a short engagement with very low costs. If you have a sizeable budget that allows investment, then WTG brand management can be a long-term service. A long-term service will support your marketing campaigns.  We’ll help you get noticed, become recognized and it will become easier for customers to remember your brand. The responsibility of adding that cornerstone to the foundation of your business is the kind of challenge we thrive on. WTG takes offline brands onto the internet using various methods from websites to simply managing a YouTube channel or a Facebook page. We also create fresh new brands which begin online.

The Branding Process

A single email or a discussion over the phone is never enough for us to understand your dream.  The ultimate branding needs close collaboration and that is. this leads to repeating work. So our journey begins with learning and fully understand your business vision. This is the part when we get to have lunch together, maybe a drink or two. We’ll visit your business premises and meet your staff. The aim is to develop an understand of your business from all points of view. The goal is understanding what sets your business aside from your competition and expressing this in your brand. Your success is our success and with the right brand, you’ll have an edge.

Stationary Design

Branded stationery for using in your own office, in your company vehicles and for giving away to clients or customers. WebTechGlobal will give you a copy of designs for using on business cards, letterheads, email templates and more. We can send all the graphics we create for you, to a third-party if you wish. That way they can contact us if they require additional graphics or changes to the existing ones.

Logo Design

Your stationery can display your own logo. WTG can design that logo for you. We will invite you to view many variations of the designs we come up with and we’ll keep trying to make you happy. Our staff will happily alter their concept logos until you fall in love with a single design. The graphics package we provide you will include variations of your final logo. Traditionally the variations of a logo are designed for using on different medium i.e. dark or light backgrounds. We can take it a step further by providing variations to suit your departments or teams within your company. We can also create variations that are ready for animation i.e. for use in a video introduction.