Project Description:


The Easy CSV Importer plugin for WordPress importers data from .csv files and auto-blogs it. That means it mass creates pages on the web using any data. Our ultimate goal with ECI was for it to be easy but still offer a lot of the advanced abilities our other importer named CSV 2 POST offers.

ECI has taking us on a touch journey with ups and downs. As of July 2013 we are at a new high though and it is a permanent high. Over 2 years we re-developed Easy CSV Importer twice, from scratch. During this time we throw the plugin out into the WordPress community and you can bet we got plenty negative responses. We were trying new things and testing the WordPress community with each approach to gain an understanding that would help us for many years to come. Three totally different approaches were as much as about education as it was about reaching perfection.

The Goal

We wanted to know what WordPress users truly want in their easy to use plugins. The more jQuery UI and Ajax we used the more negative feedback we got. Users asked for a WordPress looking interface. They just want plugins to blend in with the rest of WordPress and each other. We learned that users do not want different styling and experiences to be forced upon them as they move around their administration side. It was like a revelation. Picture seeing 3-5 different interfaces after just a few clicks. It doesn’t really make sense from a users point of view.

Developers want their plugin to stand out and be counted among all the plugins installed in WP. They often style the plugin to suit their website. So we see the concept of branding being take as far as it can go. But WebTechGlobal knows this is not the way to do it, it’s just not needed. We see countless well branded plugins that look and sound great but have many silly bugs. We feel developers have moved forward too quickly and are failing to provide enough reliable functionality. The training in interface design at University didn’t cover the concept of our interface co-existing with other interfaces created by other developers and it obviously takes experience to grasp the true meaning of this. Obviously we realized the interface, the look and the feel. Is compatibility issue as much as functionality is.


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Bruce from

Bruce is a user who stuck in our minds because of his post on the forum during a time our business was being re-structured for a new start. It was a tough time because we were re-developing products, re-launching our entire website and our forum. It was common to get 4 hours sleep per night over a 12 month period but it was worth it. One day we discovered a post which sadly we hadn’t replied to due to how busy we were getting everything in place. Bruce’s obvious intelligence indicated he was a developer and his show of support for the plugi was a reminder of why we were striving for more; we had people like him to cater for.

I contacted Bruce to thank him for that post and promised to get his website linked on our site.