Project Description:

CSV 2 POST was the first product and service launched by WebTechGlobal in 2009. The author is Ryan Bayne. The project is a WordPress plugin designed to import data and automatically create posts. In 2013 the plugin was re-developed and a new website was launched at This plugin for WordPress was developed with a free edition and WebTechGlobal still provides a Free CSV 2 POST download today. The premium edition is considered the most advanced importer for WordPress by WebTechGlobal as we continue to update it with innovative features.

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A unique approach in our plugin brought CSV 2 POST to the attention of many WordPress users very quickly. We import data to a new database table before using it. Doing this allows us to work with the data before passing it through WordPress functions. We were the first to create such a plugin and decided to extend the plugins name to CSV 2 POST Data Engine.


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Ryanair Ltd

Our latest big client was Ryanair Ltd. We created an extension for CSV 2 POST that Ryanair uses to manage data rather than auto-blogging of any nature. CSV 2 POST moved towards becoming CSV 2 POST Data Engine as a result of their requirements. WebTechGlobal decided that one of our two importers should focus on being a service and we have provided Ryanair Ltd with that service for almost a year.