We previously had our own affiliate system installed but decided on a new approach that reduces administration, allowing us to focusing on making more products for us to sell and you to get commission on. We’re restarting on this, we’ve scraped all the old banners and will need to make more. We’ll produce groups of graphics that suit the marketplaces each product is being offered on, hopefully soon. Just let us know what you need so we can increase the priority of it.

Marketplaces Like Envato

Our new approach encourages dedication to individual products and discourages affiliates trying to simply send traffic to our main products page, hoping someone buys something. We now provide products through other marketplaces like Envato (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon) and they provide their own affiliate schemes. It is vital that you choose a WebTechGlobal product that you can passionately sell first, then take it from there. If your passionate enough, registration on another site will be an important step for you.