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The WTG site was reconstructed in October 2016 and we’re still customizing third-party plugins to suit our very specific needs. We are still deploying systems to manage FAQ, Knowledge database, Tickets and a forum. We want all systems to work together and offer the community rewards when participating in any of the services mentioned. Until we are finished you are welcome to choose from the services below.


Skype Help

We have a community Skype room for you Skype fans seeking free support or advice. Just remember that your in a public room when using it. We can have private discussions and calls on Skype but not for free services. WTG Member, Subscriber and VIP statuses will grant you more freedom to contact us on Skype.

Click here to chat to us on Skype


Discord Help

Discord is a free text and voice chat service. You are welcome to discuss anything in one of our chat channels today. The Discord service was created for gamers and WTG provides solutions for gamers. But the server is not restricted to gaming only and Discord offers more than just help. So please come along and chat today.

Click here to chat to us on Discord


Third-Party Help

WebTechGlobal uses these services to provide both short-term help and long-term support.