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Happy New Year 2017!!!

Happy New Year 2017!!!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2017 is prosperous. My family moved home just a week ago, we have four children. The children are changing Schools and Nurseries. We have more rooms for the children (even more DIY for me) and after living in a top floor flat for 6 years we now have gardens. Unlike, too many people around us, we appreciate our fortunate new position and never forget those in need. It truly feels like a new kind of year for us but maybe your 2017 will be much the same and that isn’t a bad thing unless you’re in need of change. Whatever you need in 2017 we wish you well and will continue to do our little part in the world in the best way we know how.

Happy New Year!

A Different New Year

The end of 2016 is one of the most unpredictable that I remember in my 33 years. The biggest change to the year is President Elect Donald Trump and he is already splashing water out of the Whitehouse hot-tub, disturbing it’s other users. Sorry, “Making waves” is overused so I had to come up with something original. New technology (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and a booming robotics industry) will begin to change our lives and even the economy. Just recently The Sun News reported on a newly built robot that resembles a Mech from some popular games – they actually have a pilot. We should expect to see them loading luggage at airports soon, just one of the endless purposes that will be very visual. They are being developed in South Korea and people are already wondering if the North Koreans will react. However, there has been no official claim that the robots are suitable for military purposes at this time. Then there are driverless cars which most of us in the developed world haven’t experienced but are more likely to in 2017. Especially when Taxi services get their orders for multiple vehicles. I’ll finish with the booming drone trade and hobby which really, took-off in 2016, but it will be 2017 we really see the impact as services integrated tested drones into their permanent ways of conducting business. We really are entering the future! 


Sad changes, without mentioning anyone specific and leaving others out, include some major celebrity stars who passed away near the end of the year. I’m sure thousands will have them in their thoughts while gazing at the fireworks, appreciating our continued existence together. Together we can and must accomplish greater things. We face growing challenges and many very old challenges, as a race. Some of the newer challenges are daunting but together we’ll succeed just simply by doing our bit. We don’t need to take the weight of the world on our shoulders. Taking care of our families, ensuring our children get their homework done, planting flowers to grow in the garden to help the bee’s, recycling and being kind to our fellow man. That is enough, we can only do our best and if lucky, we’ll enjoy most of 2017. 

WebTechGlobal In 2017

The WTG website was re-built at the end of 2016, we replaced every file in WordPress, we replaced the theme with one that will allow growth and in 2017 we’ll grow. I’m determined to deploy support services that were expected 2 years ago before I decided the business plan needed re-evaluating and that led to a sort of halt on growth. This website is still lacking key services i.e. Tickets, Q&A area, the forum is still locked down pending improved security and our key products are still missing vital features. So there is a lot to do and it means 2017 could be one of the most important for WebTechGlobal. It all depends on sales as these services require premium plugins with developer licenses.

Normally I don’t type a lengthy Happy New Year message but it really is a special, exciting, interesting and testing year. After a much needed festive holiday break and when the children return to School. It will be time to accomplish things and once again count down the days in the months, months in the year, using the calendar to drive me. See you all in the New Year, the Happy New Year!

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