Free WordPress data import and auto-blog plugin by WebTechGlobal. Our plugin not only focuses on .csv file import but it promises to stay simple. That is important when you’re the user who need tools that don’t keep changing every-time a developer gets innovative. The plugin has an area we can add tools to and you can ignore them if they are not needed in your project. We will make changes to the plugin to ensure it keeps up with the WP core and add tools in-line with the things that WP does. We will not change the tools that makeup the initial steps of importing data then auto-blogging to make posts or pages.

Easy CSV Importer Features

A free data importer and auto-blogger for WordPress
  • 1Import and Autoblog

    Import an unlimited number of rows from any properly formatted CSV file. Use tools to manage your file as a data-source, create campaigns, manage those and create lots of posts. There are no limits on the number of custom fields you setup, all WordPress standard post options are available and you can even mass create categories.

  • 2Focused CSV Importer

    Some previously popular CSV importers for WordPress have become bloated. They offer XML import, export and a range of other functionality only 1 in 100 users will probably use. Easy CSV Importer promises to avoid constant growth to suit the needs of every users and instead focus on being the ideal CSV importer for WordPress.

  • 3Innovative Approach was the first to offer WordPress CSV importer plugins that inserted imported data to a custom database table. This was done so that data coule be prepared and changed without directing changing WP tables with each data transaction. This approach of storing all imported data in a seperate table allows an endless list of advanced abilities that aren't possibly or easily performed in other plugins of this time.

  • 4100% Free Download

    This is our gift to the WordPress community and we stand by it ready to support every user. We have promised to not change the plugin too much but that does not mean you cannot pay for a custom copy that suits your needs. One great thing about keeping the plugin simple is that it stays a great starting point for the creation of another importer designed for specific needs.