CSV 2 POST Spreadsheet Decorative Graphic

Prepare and manage data...

CSV 2 POST doesn't throw data into WP core tables like some other importers. Instead we have a unique approach which allows us to offer more features. You can import data to Wordpress from any properly formated .csv file with clean headers. Data will be imported to a custom database table, automatically created for you. Where it can be managed prior to creating posts. You might want to filtering out rows you do not want to use, changing money values using maths and even cleaning up keywords. Much more is possible with CSV 2 POST, making it great value for money and a true tool for developers.

Quality not quantity...

Alright I admit we used to market the plugin based on it's speed and it's ability to create thousands of posts in a short time. Try to dazzle potential buyers and excite them. I'm not saying our software is not exciting, it's just exciting for better reasons than creating thousands of posts within minutes. CSV 2 POST is about quality not quantity. CSV 2 POST doesn't throw data into WP core tables like some other importers. It uses the WP core to it's full advantage, creating properly constructed post records, every value validated by Wordpress itself, every WP and plugin setting applied. That is what CSV 2 POST is about.

Data first, then posts...

Our WP plugins design takes what we believe is the professional approach to updating posts. First CSV 2 POST updates the raw data imported to a project database table created automatically to keep life simple. It is that table we update, with new data from .csv files or when you make changes to your file. This is a unique step in our data importer plugin. It allows us to break down the steps that lead to mass updating posts in your blog. By updating data first, then posts a little later. We have the opportunity to monitor our data, prepare new data and make log entries regarding changes. Smaller steps creates a safer data engine.

Multiple post update triggers...

Post updating can be started manually or automated within the plugins own schedule system. CSV 2 POST can even update posts systematically rather than in batch. You can configure the plugin to suit the approach your WP site requires using multiple post update triggers. Triggers include updating when the data used to create a post has changed. The change could be manually done within the MySQL database, an update by CSV 2 POST itself or a third party plugin making alterations to a product. A post can also be updated as a result of project settings being changed, essentially re-building the post in every-way (including custom field meta, taxonomy and content) based on your newly selected options.
  • Lifetime Unlimited Site License
    Right now everyone gets an Unlimited Site license and you can build Wordpress blogs everyday for as long as you want.
  • Lifetime Updates
    Buy now and you'll get every new version. You can visit this website, login and download the plugin from your account anytime.
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
    I'm serious. Anytime in future you feel this was a bad decision and your money would have been better invested elsewhere you can request a refund. All I ask in return is submission of a feedback form and the understanding that I'm not loaded and don't even earn enough to pay my student loans. So don't be unfair.
  • Lifetime Email Support
    Not all of our software will encourage email support but the nature of this plugin requires it. We don't want to be giving away trade secrets everyday do we! The payment you make guarantees a respond and every week I'm thanked for how fast that response is.
  • Ethical and Fair
    I promise all of the above with fairness and honesty in the hope that it will be returned. If your not going to be honest with me in return, stop reading here. I've spent months creating this plugin, over 50,000 lines of code, juggling work and two children (third on the way). My partner works 12 hour shifts caring for the elderly meaning I'm a full-time father. Yet I provide a great FREE edition and the cost of my pro software is fair.
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
    There are advanced features but they can be ignored. The plugin allows us to skip anything we don't need and will use default settings. I can import a new .csv file and create posts within 35 seconds. You might take a whole 5 minutes but my point is there is an easy route to getting started. When you do get stuck please request a suitable video tutorial or instructions.
  • Easy Installation
    Upload the plugin using the admin or FTP and activate. The plugin is ready for you to tell it where your .csv file is by adding the full-path and progress will come easy.
  • Set The Pace
    Ryan Bayne created his own schedule system which automates data import, post creation and post updating. You can set the rate which it happens, drip-feed or get the job done today.
  • Unique Content
    By randomizing templates, creating rules based on your data and even using text spinners (spintax). You will easily create unique content that is 100% search engine friendly.
  • Any Theme
    CSV 2 POST is guaranteed to work with your theme or you money back. We even add theme specific features to make life easier for the most advanced premium themes.
  • 100% Legal
    Providing you have permission to use the data, everything else is legal. You can use a single .csv file to create 100 different blogs and you would be doing nothing wrong or unethical.
  • Any Website Type and Topic
    I've seen CSV 2 POST being used to maintain fast changing Real-estate website and even corporation intranets or you could just keep a blog active I suppose!
  • Unlimited Projects
    Sometimes it is risky adding a new file to an existing project so just create another project and have many running at once.
  • Monetize Your Blog
    Import affiliate data, autoblog posts among your own manual posts to create a natural blog and even cloak those long messy affiliate URL to get more clicks.
  • Powerful Content Templates
    Using the WYSIWYG editor you already know in Wordpress, you can design the perfect layout, apply styles and use rules to apply different templates based on values in your data.
  • Import Images
    Import groups of images per post to the Wordpress media library. They become attachments and a featured image can be set. Tools for remote or local images are provided.
  • Translation Started
    You will quickly discover our plugin is is big. We held off on full internationalizing CSV 2 POST until most of the interface was complete. Translation is being done now and is a high priority.
  • Post Dates and Backdating
    Various dates options will allow you to set publish dates suitable for your blog type. Your posts can even have future dates, allowing Wordpress to schedule them automatically.
  • No Duplicate Content
    You can ask the plugin to avoid using duplicate rows. It also won't create duplicates by default but for those of you who run a site with matching posts you can disable the safety.
  • Log System
    The plugins log system allows us to trace what CSV 2 POST is doing.
  • Flag System
    One of the late systems slowly being integrated throughout the plugin. Flags posts with potential problems such as duplicates and can flag specific rows of data for various reasons.
  • Fully Supported
    The plugin is a full-time job, so there is always someone to help. It became so popular that the plugin grew too large and we went dark on it while it was re-developed. Version 8 released May 2014 has us back on track.
CSV 2 POST lifetime package...no subscription. A single payment will give you unlimited use, for an unlimited number of blogs with no expiry. This fair deal will give you free updates and free support for life also. No subscription required. There is also free documentation and free tutorial videos on YouTube.