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When you contact WTG, please use any methods you have been giving access to through membership. You can check your membership level and the perks it grants in your WTG account. Look for the “Contact WTG” tab. As for requests for help. We may create a tutorial or add a new FAQ in response to the request. But it does depend on the nature of your inquiry and the method you use to contact WTG.

General Information Request

Use this address for low priority requests for specific information. Do not use it for help support. If the information you seek is crucial to making progress in work you are conducting right now. Please set the email as urgent or use method granted to you through your WTG account. Please note that marking an email as urgent, only puts it ahead of other emails sent to this address. It does not earn higher priority over our higher priority contact methods reserved for members.

Site Webmaster

Please use this address for matters regarding this website and the pages we link to. WTG Credits and WTG Points will be rewarded for new reports about anything that we must/can rectify.

PayPal Email

We prefer the use of a shopping cart than direct payment. Even donations can be processed by the cart on this site. Only use this email address if you have confirmed a payment with WTG, please.

General Support Email

We welcome emails, but during peak times other methods get higher priority i.e. live chat, calling us directly and anyone who has paid/earned higher priority responses to tickets or forum posts. We make every effort to avoid repeating ourselves and making better use of our time. If you are a member (donated, purchased or supported a project), then you may have gained the right to contact us using a method that will get a higher priority support than this email address.

Skype Community Room

You can contact WTG by visiting the Skype community room but it’s not meant to be a reliable method of communication right now. It cannot be staffed around the clock. This Skype room is meant for scheduled chats with groups of community members. You are welcome to use it without any WTG staff present.