18 March 2016

Pindol WordPress Theme feature list float Problem Fixed

18 March 2016,

The Pindol theme provided on the Envato Marketplace is great but occasionally I find a little flaw. Today I had to fix an issue […]

14 March 2016

WordPress Themes no longer available on Envato Marketplace

14 March 2016,

I’ve enjoyed six years use of the Envato Marketplace, mainly ThemeForest. So this is not an attack or even criticism because I don’t yet […]

8 February 2016

Web Productivity Labs UK

8 February 2016,

A self-employed Web Developer in Scotland has kick-started an innovative approach to collaborating. It involves the project manager selecting a Revenue Model which dictates […]

22 October 2015

User Activation Using Social Network URL

22 October 2015,

When you need to confirm someone is a real-person offline. I doubt you do it using an email address and a CAPTCHA code! Depending […]

7 March 2015

Testing WP to Facebook API

7 March 2015,

This post is a test only.

3 September 2014

WordPress Table Problems In Post Meta Box

3 September 2014,

It seems the WordPress core table, created using the WP_List_Table() class. Does not like to be put inside a meta box unless it is […]

29 May 2014

Google Ranking Blank Pages High

29 May 2014,

Someone is obviously attacking my “CSV 2 POST” brand and it will probably be one of my competitors. I can tell you now that […]

6 April 2014

WTG YouTube Statistics Performance

6 April 2014,

Until now I’ve hardly used YouTube to stream my own content. I think the most videos I had on there at anytime was around […]