8 February 2016

Web Productivity Labs UK

8 February 2016,

A self-employed Web Developer in Scotland has kick-started an innovative approach to collaborating. It involves the project manager selecting a Revenue Model which dictates […]

22 October 2015

User Activation Using Social Network URL

22 October 2015,

When you need to confirm someone is a real-person offline. I doubt you do it using an email address and a CAPTCHA code! Depending […]

7 March 2015

Testing WP to Facebook API

7 March 2015,

This post is a test only.

3 September 2014

WordPress Table Problems In Post Meta Box

3 September 2014,

It seems the WordPress core table, created using the WP_List_Table() class. Does not like to be put inside a meta box unless it is […]

29 May 2014

Google Ranking Blank Pages High

29 May 2014,

Someone is obviously attacking my “CSV 2 POST” brand and it will probably be one of my competitors. I can tell you now that […]

6 April 2014

WTG YouTube Statistics Performance

6 April 2014,

Until now I’ve hardly used YouTube to stream my own content. I think the most videos I had on there at anytime was around […]

30 March 2014

Invalid Application Link

30 March 2014,

Were you just using one of WebTechGlobals software and arrived here? It must mean you clicked on a link on the software interface that […]

10 February 2014

Google Loves WordPress…See Why!

10 February 2014,

It’s just a headline. Google staff might appreciate WordPress but the real love comes from Google search…more than normal. WordPress developers know how big […]