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This installation and configuration tutorial was created for the "Channel Solution for Twitch" plugin, we refer to it as TwitchPress or the TwitchPress Plugin. The tutorial is lengthy

Our WordPress Data Importer (WPDIMP) plugin gives you the option of importing ready made tags or generating them. All methods are shown below. Generating high-quality tags is trial

I've been working on Kraken - the Twitch API. I'm releasing the early work to make it easier for testing and feedback. I've made the bold move of

The second Global WordPress Translation Day is on November 12th. Global WordPress Translation day is organised by the WordPress Polyglots team. They invite everyone from anywhere in the

The most simple (and common) use of CSV 2 POST is to create one source of data and then create a project, which this page will walk you

Hello WordPress users. WordPress Data Importer has been updated. The plugin has new features, the PDF has been updated with links to new tutorials, the plugins tutorial page

WordPress Data Importer has always allowed a group of files to be imported but they would be merged together. As of September 2016 the plugin allows individual meta

The ability to import and attach files to posts was added to WordPress Data Importer in September 2016. This tutorial is based on the earliest features, designed for

In September 2016 we upgraded the ability to import groups of .csv files. A group of .csv files can now include separate meta and taxonomy files. This short tutorial