29 April 2016

Improved WordPress Automation and Scheduling Coming Soon

29 April 2016,

This is the first glimpse of a new automation and schedule system I’m currently working on. The approach appears to be unique and I’ve […]

18 March 2016

Pindol WordPress Theme feature list float Problem Fixed

18 March 2016,

The Pindol theme provided on the Envato Marketplace is great but occasionally I find a little flaw. Today I had to fix an issue […]

12 March 2016

Debugging Using Trace in WordPress Plugins

12 March 2016,

I can’t begin to explain to you how busy I am. Yet today I went off plan, then started and almost finished a new […]

10 March 2016

Possible WordPress Formats 2016

10 March 2016,

Here is my revised list of custom formats for WordPress as used in WTG Portal Manager. I’ve merged the existing WordPress formats with some […]

8 March 2016

Pindol Theme Custom Feature: Steps List

8 March 2016,

The WebTechGlobal website uses the Pindol theme sold on ThemeForest. It has a ready-made collection of content presentation options including a Features List. I’ve […]

7 March 2016

Example extend of WordPress WP_List_Table Class

7 March 2016,

You will find a lot of WordPress tutorials on extending the WP_List_Table class and they all do something a little different. My extending class introduces […]

3 March 2016

Failure To Replace WTG AdSense ID in Plugins

3 March 2016,

I am posting this as notification and for the record. One of the first plugins created for WebTechGlobal included the ability to add AdSense […]

3 March 2016

Getting Easier to Create Portals in WordPress

3 March 2016,

Worked hard on WTG Portal Manager past midnight – things just need to get done.   I added a table that makes it easier […]

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