15 January 2015

WordPress Function registered_sidebar() Could Be Better

15 January 2015,

I was on a roll with my new WTG Portal Manager – it’s still going well but it will require many themes to be […]

6 December 2014

New WordPress Portal Manager

6 December 2014,

Today I begun working on WTG Portal Manager for WordPress. I’ve created it’s own portals home page already and that has the full details. […]

19 November 2014

WTG CSV Exporter for WordPress Coming Soon

19 November 2014,

This new WordPress plugin is still in development (begin 19th November 2014) but the first version of it (basic) will be simple and won’t […]

15 November 2014

WTG Tasks Manager for WordPress Now Out

15 November 2014,

The beta has just been submitted to WordPress.org to be hosted in their repository of free plugins. This project is a key part of […]

14 September 2014

WordPress database error

14 September 2014,

I’ve had a few users of my WordPress plugins accidentally activate error display/debug mode. It results in them seeing what is indicated by WordPress […]

3 September 2014

WordPress Table Problems In Post Meta Box

3 September 2014,

It seems the WordPress core table, created using the WP_List_Table() class. Does not like to be put inside a meta box unless it is […]

24 August 2014

100 WordPress Dashboard Widgets

24 August 2014,

I doubt many WordPress users have ever seen more than 25 dashboard widgets in a blog. I’ve never found more than 10 on a […]

10 August 2014

Using wp_logout_url() To Add Logout To WordPress Admin Menu

10 August 2014,

A client came to me and asked for a new plugin called “Opus”. The Opus plugin was to have multiple top level menu items […]