8 March 2014

New UI Icons on CSV 2 POST Plugin

8 March 2014,

Just a quick post to show the new icons added to today and will feature on all WTG plugins. Trash Icon: this will appear […]

13 February 2014

Free Prize Draws: Win Premium WordPress Plugins

13 February 2014,

I’m giving away free premium plugins the form of multiple separate Prize Draws and this is a long-term thing. Some draws will be monthly […]

31 January 2014

New Subjects for Newsletters in WP-e-Customers

31 January 2014,

The new Subjects is actually a taxonomy and the taxonomy is actually for the Email Templates post type. I see Subjects having many uses […]

24 January 2014

WP e-Customers Beta Prize Draw

24 January 2014,

I’m giving away WP e-Customers Beta and two years premium service for free in the form of multiple separate Prize Draws that are based […]

16 January 2014

Affiliate Section Setting: System Status

16 January 2014,

Every section has a system status setting and it is important that the effects of switching a system off are documented. The affiliate system […]

30 August 2013

CSV 2 POST Webmaster Tools Widget for WordPress

30 August 2013,

Today I added a widget to the CSV 2 POST plugin for WordPress. The CSV 2 POST webmaster tools widget for WordPress can be […]

25 August 2013

WP e-Customers Plugin Coming

25 August 2013,

The new WP e-Customers plugin development has begun and I’m about to explain the why rather than the what. I am however adding some […]

7 August 2013

Beta Peek at Video Blogger Plugin for WordPress

7 August 2013,

Update Warning, messy post ahead. This is just a beta peek at Video Blogger for WordPress which is now ready for live use. I […]