13 October 2016

Multitool Twitch API – Beta Configuration

13 October 2016,

I’ve been working on Kraken – the Twitch API. I’m releasing the early work to make it easier for testing and feedback. I’ve made […]

27 September 2016

WordPress Data Importer Update

27 September 2016,

Hello WordPress users. WordPress Data Importer has been updated. The plugin has new features, the PDF has been updated with links to new tutorials, […]

19 September 2016

Attachments Feature in WordPress Data Importer – WIP

19 September 2016,

Just another quick work-in-progress post. These are important because it’s such a busy time for me, baby on the way and we’ve been “nesting”. […]

8 September 2016

WordPress Data Importer WIP

8 September 2016,

I now have WordPress Data Import importing separate meta files, seperate taxonomy .csv files and querying the data during post creation. By the end […]

29 August 2016

WIP Update 29 August 2016

29 August 2016,

Is there a term for blogging everything we do because this blogging thing is starting to happen a lot while I work? Here is […]

WordPress Data Importer Multiple Files Final Form August 2016
27 August 2016

WIP Update for WordPress Data Importer August 2016

27 August 2016,

This is just a quick post to show some of the work done to WordPress Data Importer. I’ve moved on from the new multiple file […]

18 August 2016

WordPress Importers Multiple File and Taxonomies Support Work Today

18 August 2016,

I want to post information during the development of WordPress Data Importer and CSV 2 POST because these plugins are in a very important […]

Forward Thinking Solution to break data down
17 August 2016

What is a Forward Planning Solution?

17 August 2016,

I’m currently working on WordPress Data Importer and I came to a point where I need a way to explain an important selling point. […]

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