19 September 2016

Attachments Feature in WordPress Data Importer – WIP

19 September 2016,

Just another quick work-in-progress post. These are important because it’s such a busy time for me, baby on the way and we’ve been “nesting”. […]

8 September 2016

WordPress Data Importer WIP

8 September 2016,

I now have WordPress Data Import importing separate meta files, seperate taxonomy .csv files and querying the data during post creation. By the end […]

29 August 2016

WIP Update 29 August 2016

29 August 2016,

Is there a term for blogging everything we do because this blogging thing is starting to happen a lot while I work? Here is […]

WordPress Data Importer Multiple Files Final Form August 2016
27 August 2016

WIP Update for WordPress Data Importer August 2016

27 August 2016,

This is just a quick post to show some of the work done to WordPress Data Importer. I’ve moved on from the new multiple file […]

18 August 2016

WordPress Importers Multiple File and Taxonomies Support Work Today

18 August 2016,

I want to post information during the development of WordPress Data Importer and CSV 2 POST because these plugins are in a very important […]

Forward Thinking Solution to break data down
17 August 2016

What is a Forward Planning Solution?

17 August 2016,

I’m currently working on WordPress Data Importer and I came to a point where I need a way to explain an important selling point. […]

WordPress Data Importer New Feature August 2016
13 August 2016

New imported record List on the Post View for WP Data Import plugin

13 August 2016,

Today I added a new meta box to the Edit Post view for WordPress Data Importer. The new WordPress Data Importer Record box displays […]

12 August 2016

CSV 2 POST Token Wrap Feature Cancelled

12 August 2016,

I’ll be doing a lot of work on both CSV 2 POST and WordPress Data Importer, probably for the rest of the year. I […]

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