14 September 2014

WordPress database error

14 September 2014,

I’ve had a few users of my WordPress plugins accidentally activate error display/debug mode. It results in them seeing what is indicated by WordPress […]

3 September 2014

WordPress Table Problems In Post Meta Box

3 September 2014,

It seems the WordPress core table, created using the WP_List_Table() class. Does not like to be put inside a meta box unless it is […]

24 August 2014

100 WordPress Dashboard Widgets

24 August 2014,

I doubt many WordPress users have ever seen more than 25 dashboard widgets in a blog. I’ve never found more than 10 on a […]

10 August 2014

Using wp_logout_url() To Add Logout To WordPress Admin Menu

10 August 2014,

A client came to me and asked for a new plugin called “Opus”. The Opus plugin was to have multiple top level menu items […]

12 July 2014

WebTechGlobal Developing WordPress Plugin Help Content API

12 July 2014,

I have begun work on a new approach to providing the WordPress community with both free and premium support. I can best describe it […]

15 June 2014

Project Summary Explained

15 June 2014,

One of the plugins quick action buttons allows the display of a Project Summary. The summary comes from wp_c2pprojects table. It is made up […]

15 June 2014

Data Source Summary Explained

15 June 2014,

This post is linked from a notice box which shows a summary of the current projects source record. It is not a technical documentation […]

2 June 2014

Installing CSV 2 POST Premium Edition

2 June 2014,

When you download CSV 2 POST from this website it will come as a .zip file. Within that file should be a folder named […]