Ryan Bayne at University 2007

Ryan Bayne at University

About The Owner

My name is Ryan Bayne and came up with idea of WebTechGlobal while studying at the University of Abertay in Dundee. I’m technically a freelancer with a start-up business that hires other freelancers. I begun trading in 2009 by selling my first product, a WordPress plugin called CSV 2 POST. I continue to work with WordPress in the hope that it provides a stable foundation for my ambitions.

About WebTechGlobal

WebTechGlobal is a slowly, carefully grown startup business. The strategy that has so far helped WTG to grow involves creating products we need ourselves. This reduces development costs and time when compared to a project requested by a client. There is no pressure to grow WebTechGlobal quickly, we’re happy for it to be a success of any size. What is important is that we establish systems to manage an online business offering digital downloads and professional services. We focus on perfecting our procedures and getting more tools in place to handle whatever our community require. Building a foundation comes before marketing. We do not seek a large income, we seek perfection. Perfection includes adding longevity to our work by following the best coding standards and never being lazy or taking shortcuts. We believe this will lead to our work being re-used and save us time in future.

Update 16th October 2009: WebTechGlobal Limited is officially confirmed with company number SC366988.