Ryan Bayne at University 2007

Ryan Bayne at University 2007

About The Original Developer

My name is Ryan Bayne and created WebTechGlobal while at University. I’m technically a freelancer with a start-up business that hires multiple freelancers at any one time. Starting up in 2009 has not been easy. There have been some rapid changes in web technology such as HTML5 and app platforms like Windows 8. Although I’m always ready for the challenge. I’ve constantly questioned my direction, always wondering if its right. But here I am, 2013 and I’ve survived. I must be doing something right and as for my direction. Well I’m doing a bit of everything or I’m paying other freelancers to do it when demand is high.

About WebTechGlobal

WebTechGlobal is a trusted Web Development service. We have worked with developers and businesses all over the world, some big names included. What makes WebTechGlobal work right now is growing the business slowly. We have kept ourselves in a start-up state, focusing on creating a foundation, with a brand, a large pool of contacts and a history of trust. It just the way we need it to be. People involved in our projects continue their own work but some are keen to one day become partners and so when I say “we” I do mean a regular team developers who I have got to know over the last few years. There is also my partner Zara Walsh who monitors activity, handles administration and finance, for free. She is keen to ensure a lot of profits are re-invested and continue the confidence we have in having the WebTechGlobal business throughout our life’s. There is no pressure to make WebTechGlobal a big success for now, we’re happy for it to be a success of any size. The individuals I call on to help complete work aren’t under a lot of pressure either. The result is a fun working relationship which clients get to enjoy and I’m would really like to avoid losing this in a money driven environment.

Update 16th October 2009: WebTechGlobal Limited is officially confirmed with company number SC366988.