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Ryan Bayne at University 2007

Ryan Bayne at University

About The Owner

My name is Ryan Bayne and launched WebTechGlobal while studying at the University of Abertay in Dundee. I’m technically a freelancer with a start-up business that hires other freelancers at this time. I begun trading in 2009 by selling my first product, a WordPress plugin called CSV 2 POST. I continue to work with WordPress in the hope that it provides a stable foundation for my long-term ambitions.

About WebTechGlobal

WebTechGlobal encompasses all things on the web, technology news and global events. We’re still deploying services and have years to go before our vision is complete. We have planned and begun developing innovative ideas that will make the WTG website unique. The ultimate goal is a thriving technology community. It is our hope, that our own ideas create an enjoyable experience for everyone from junior learners to professionals. This will be achieved by making the website dynamically changed based on the user. When we achieve that, we’ll have something truly special to offer.

Update 16th October 2009: WebTechGlobal Limited is officially confirmed with company number SC366988.